Saturday, January 06, 2007


Aaahhh... perfect weather, perfect beach, perfect everything... honeymoon was in Mauritius and let me tell you this, if ever you want to go there with your loved one, make sure you both are completely in love with each other.. cos there's not much to do! Unless you love suntanning and eating the whole time which is what I absolutely adore doing. Food was scrumptious... absolutely delicious. We had a great honeymoon package deal in Hilton and were extremely spoiled the whole time we were there.

Hilton Mauritius was gorgeous and smaller than I thought it would be. The Spa is absolutely out of this world but extremely expensive. But since I was already enjoying living lavishly, I thought "Why the hell not?? I am on my honeymoon!" Unfortunately for Nash, he was too sunburnt at that point therefore decided to skip the process, much to his regret later on as I told him what a rejuvenating experience it was. Poor baby...

Ahhh... breakfast was always delicious. It was the usual breakfast buffet that hotels serve. Scrambled eggs, hash browns, croissants/toasts, sauteed mushrooms, omelettes, beef bacons, juices, fruits... you get the idea. We were so stuffed each time after breakfast that lunch was ruled out everytime. But when dinnertime came, we were ready to eat a horse!!

I was constantly taking pictures of my food the whole time I was there, be it during breakfast or dinner. The waiters there probably thought I was a lil' nuts but obviously chose not to say anything. They just smiled and asked me if they could be of any help, which I politely refused as I was the only one professional enough to take photos of my food. Anyway, the main reason of the whole taking-pictures-of-the-food thing was to put all on this blog so that I could make all of you jealous. Mwuahaha!

Now, if u could just observe the picture above (not on the right), you will see a funny looking green sauce, and that is the most pedas and delicious sauce ever. Something like belacan but better. I basically dipped almost all of my food in that sauce sebab sedap sangat

OOooOhhh just looking at the food is making me hungry. This is one of the appetizer dishes if I'm not mistaken. My plan was to put these pictures up in the blog as soon as I come back from the honeymoon. However, that didn't happen so I can't really remember much about the food.
up, that's me in front of the camera. We extended our stay because Mawi and gang all came to Mauritius for the Hotlink Mawi @ Mauritius tour. So my Beat TV crew came along and we recorded the trip. We joked about how Mawi couldn't make it to our wedding, but instead invaded our honeymoon :) Haha!

Thats me and my beloved Astro crew. Abang Budi, my Beat TV producer. Love him to death! And also Kak Haina, an executive producer at Astro. We went to quite a few places that day, along with Mawi and his fans. Lovely bunch they were, and all huge fans of Mawi I could see.

Thats us doing our usual goofing around. Mawi launched his album there so we had a press conference where Nash and I had to host. Can you believe I started working before I got to even come back from my honeymoon?! But it was all good tho. By this time, Nash and I had moved from Hilton Mauritius to Indian Resort. The resort was beautiful although Hilton was much better. Hehe! Nash and I left two days before they did as we had work on the very day we came back. All and all, it was an amazing and beautiful honeymoon, and I couldn't have asked for more :)