Sunday, September 10, 2006

MiSSiNG GoL & GiNCu??

Aaaahhhh... more of Gol & Gincu... I couldn't post most of the pictures before this as the season was not over yet on TV. Sorry for not updating my blog much lately but I have been extremely busy and plus, my laptop is at the service center. So what I've actually done is connected my hard disk, which has all my backups, to my fiance's laptop. Quite 'leceh' if you ask me... but since I miss blogging so much, I couldn't help but put myself thru all that trouble. Bukannya susah sangat pun.. Malas kut..
For those of you who miss Gol & Gincu... I feel you.I miss it too. Tremendously. And to 'ubat' your rindu... hopefully it helps, even if its just a little bit... I'm going to post you some of 'behind the scenes' photos.

A scene from episode 11 if I'm not mistaken, where my character Shasha was trying to warn Putri of Eddy. A slightly, very slight, emotional scene cos I've never had Fazura being mad at me, and her having to act that way to me for the scene (even though it was just an 'act'), was hard, even for her.

The set-up for the famous 'almost-kiss in the car' scene. We were laughing hysterically during the first few takes. We just couldn't keep a straight face!!